Inbound travel

Inbound travel

UAE has fast emerged as a haven of culture, where in the heavenly tourist spots exist. Expecting 2.5 million traveler footfalls, Newrak tasked to support, regulate & standardize inbound tourism initiatives in UAE. With UAE, RAK Tourism is looking to develop its tourism strategy around the concept of inbound tourism to include outdoor soft adventure sports, plus other eco and nature based activities suitable to Ras Al Khaimah, which visitors can enjoy round the year.

RAK Tourism feels that inbound tourism is the travel through and enjoyment of the natural world, its seasonal cycles and events, carried out in a manner that promotes the protection of the natural and local communities, and with consideration for the local history and heritage of Ras Al Khaimah.

Newrak brings together the best offer in Inbound Travel to UAE; you can tour the historical places and all emirates, and explore their adventurous side. You can study the art and cultural heritage that is one of the oldest in the world, or, if nature is your thing, you can also go on desert safaris to the many golden sands spread over UAE. Whether you travel in a group or alone, whether you travel to a single destination or multiple places, Newrak provides customized Tours to UAE itineraries to fit your bill

Why Inbound Travel to UAE?

Choose inbound travel in UAE, offered by Newrak, for:

  • The Fairs and Festivals in UAE that depict the spirit and enduring cultural traditions of UAE. As a tourist you witness a distinct feature in every festival reflecting the culture, customs and traditions.
  • The historical monuments and landmarks that are a window into UAE’s past as much as they are a symbol of a progressive society still captivated with its heritage.
  • The Art and Culture of UAE, that is enshrined in its monuments - mosques, tombs, caves, forts, gardens, palaces, and that bespeak of UAEs rich cultural heritage and a vibrant present.

Why capture Ras-Al-khaimah?

Khatt Hot Springs

Near to RAK City, through the green agricultural land in Digdaga is the oasis of Khatt that lies at the foot of the mountains. The resort consists of three natural springs of hot mineralized water. Visitors can relax in the therapeutic pools and enjoy the other facilities. The springs healing properties attract many Gulf residents and it has become a tradition and inbound popular family picnic location.

The area has grown quite famous and is now visited by people from all over the world for treatment of Dermatoses and Rheumatic ailments.

The spring’s facility will offer additional Spa service by Ayurveda which are complimented by the thermal water. The Ayurvedic treatments will be done by a team of expert doctors and therapists from the world renowned Center par Excellence for Ayurveda.

Mussandam Peninsula

Mussandam is scenic and un-spoilt, with spectacular natural beauty. It also called the ‘Fjords’ of the Middle East. a trip to Mussandam, is a trip you not likely to forget ,as the mountains gain altitude and drop impressively in to the Straits of Hormuz, in the surrounding areas you will see ancient settlements and rock carvings, and abandoned tombs.

The country side ranges from mangroves, sea level sabkha (salt-flats), gravel plains and desert to stunning mountain landscape and the famous ‘fjords of Arabia’, where the mountains plunge steeply into the clear waters of the Strait of Hormuz. Carry your passport with you to cross over the border, as the area is under Sulatanate of Oman.. We welcome you to explore Khasab Fort, Khor Najd Beach or take a Dhow trip along the coast. The nature guarantees you, the sight of dolphin at any time.

National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah

The greatest insight in to the archaeological wonders and the long standing history of Ras Al Khaimah can be gained by a visit to the National Museum, formerly the fort and once the residence of the Ruler of the Emirate.

Situated in the old town part of Ras Al Khaimah city, the Museum houses many ancient and fascinating archaeological items. Visitors can explore the natural history room with its extensive collection of antiques used in early Islam times and visit the Quwasim Room, to trace the history of the British expedition against Ras Al Khaimah in 1809.

Wadi Bih

Rising to a spectacular 1,000m Wadi Bih is considered to be the ‘Grand Canyon’ of the UAE, offering some of the most amazing views in the country. Starting from the clock tower roundabout in Ras Al Khaimah, visitors can enjoy hiking mountain biking and camping in this area. Wadi Bih can also be reached from the East Coast, the Dibba – Masafi Highway. As you will be near to the border check point, remember to carry your passport with you. There is plenty to see close to Wadi Bih, such as deserted villages, other smaller wadi areas, the carved smooth face of the rock accompanied by a surprising amount of greenery, compliment majestic views of the great outdoors.

Wadi Asimah

A favorite mountain expedition today is along Wadi Asimah, from close to Al Ghail on the edge of the desert area, below the Village of Asimah. Sunny valleys, narrow gorges, lush plantations and gardens, combine with wadi bashing at its best.


Hiking from the village at Wadi Khab A’ Shamis, which is situated north of the Zighi turn off, will provide you with some amazing views down over the East Coast and Dibba.

Souq Shopping

The souq, situated between the Ras Al Khaimah Museum and the parallel running sea, is alive with shoppers in the mornings and late afternoons selling everything from fabric, gold and kitchen items. While further along the creek on the western shore visitors can visit the fish market. A number of interesting dhows anchored which make for interesting photographic opportunities. Further a number of tea houses, where the friendly locals love to take the chance to chit-chat. Close by there is another smaller souq arena selling an interesting array of rare Arabic antiques.

Jazirat Al Hamra

Jazirat al-Hamra (Red Island) is the last authentic and traditional town still standing in the UAE. Once a small island, its inhabitants subsisted on maritime and pearling trading before they abandoned their houses in the middle of the 20th Century, when the rush to modernize started. An undisturbed picture of life before the discovery of oil is left behind and preserved until today. This whole area is unique for Ras Al Khaimah and for UAE, its shows all the elements of a traditional town, including fortress for the defense purposes, several mosques and a variety of house types. It is one of the best places to study traditional coral stone architecture used along the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

Dhayah Fort

Ras al Khaimah’s rich archeological legacy is distinguished by some unique features and historical attractiveness such as old forts and watch towers scattered along its coasts line. One of these important forts is Dhayah Fort located north of the Al Rams Town. Dhayah has always been a very fertile area and has been settled at least since the third millennium BC. Records show that the Fort appears to have been built during the 19th Century on the foundations of much older structures. It is the only hilltop fort still in existence in the UAE. Upon climbing to the top, visitors are rewarded with a fantastic view of the lush palm gardens below, the Arabian Gulf to one side and the dramatic Hajjar Mountains to the other.

Sheba’s Palace and Shimal

from a respectable age, is the hill fort immediately above the village of Shimal, also known as ‘Sheba’s Palace’. In the reality this fort has nothing whatsoever to do with the Queen of Sheba, who died more than 2,000 years before it was built. So great was her fame in Arabia that her name is often linked to ancient ruins built long after her time. The Palace ruins are accessible through a modern stairway which follows the original medieval approach. It is the only ancient Islamic palace known in UAE and dates back to the days of Julfar, once the most famous and prosperous trading town in the whole lower gulf.

Dhow Boat Building

Ras Al Khaimah’s fortunes in days gone by were built sailing of Dhows. These sturdy wooden boats, made by hand can still be seen in Ras Al Khaimah on the Maarid Beach. The people of Ras Al Khaimah were always great seafarers and their history has been shaped more by the seashore rather than on land. From the earliest of times the people of Ras Al Khaimah used their boats for fishing, pearling and transporting.

Camel Racing

Camels are still a common sight in the sandy desert areas of Ras Al Khaimah. In some villages it is quite common to see them nibbling their way down the main street. In Digdaga and Hamraniya, surrounded by dunes and sheltered by thickets of Ghaf trees, visitors can find the Ras Al Khaimah camel racetrack. The race track is one of the liveliest places to visit in the emirates through the winter months. The area is busy with trainers and colorfully clad camels with their blankets and muzzles to prevent them from eating anything but their specially prepared nutritious race diet. On weekdays, groups of camels trot easily up and down the track, training and building up stamina for the big races to come on the weekends. Racing is usually on Thursday afternoons and early on Friday mornings.

Parks and Gardens

Saqr Public Park is located in the Suheelah area of Kharran, it has a highly colorful children’s play area. Kharran with its closely built single storey houses, the main street is a hive of activity despite the traffic making its way to the agricultural regionweszqaz.. Kharran is also a farming settlement.

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